Patients can access their personal health records with MyCenturaHealth. Here, patients have simple, tailored, and secure online access to a subset of their medical records.


You can do so much more with your electronic health record than just go over your physical exam results and ask for appointments.

Questions about the MyCenturaHealth user interface are answered below. I pray these solutions prove useful to you. Check out the Frequently Asked Questions to see if your query is already addressed there.

FAQs for MyCenturaHealth

How does the login process work?

Patients who express interest will be given a MyCenturaHealth activation code to use during their appointment. When you enter this code, you’ll be prompted to set up a user name and password. If you haven’t received an activation code, contact your doctor’s office or schedule an appointment at a clinic.

What took place after I shut down my account?

Your data’s security and confidentiality are priorities for us. If you leave your keyboard idle for more than 15 minutes during a portal session, the connection will be terminated immediately. Please close the portal if you are not going to be using a computer for the foreseeable future.

When I submit a message, how quickly will my doctor or nurse respond?

You should expect a reply within one to three business days. In case of an emergency, you are not permitted to use the portal. It’s best to dial 911 or the local hospital’s emergency number if you’re in dire straits.

Can my husband and I have the same MyCenturaHealth account?

Considering the sensitive nature of health records, we require that every adult seek and create their own account.

Can my account provide information regarding my family members?

Your own personal data sheet can be viewed on the site and is linked to another person’s data sheet. The medical record would contain false information, which could compromise patient care.