About Us

Centura CEOC created the MyCenturaHealth Login patient interface to centralise and simplify access to Centura Health’s administrative and patient records. Access your electronic health record (EHR), locate a doctor, reorder medications, and more with the MyCenturaHealth patient site.


To put it simply, it’s a group of Colorado-based medical professionals who are all volunteers and who work together to deliver quality healthcare to the state’s residents. Central, North Metro, South Metro, Eastern Plains, Northwest Colorado, and the Western Slope are its six primary service areas. It is the goal of Centura Health to enhance the health of all people.

MyCenturaHealth was built to work with any and all healthcare technology, including hardware and software from other manufacturers. Centura Health doctors use it too, and it facilitates better communication between them and their patients. Patients get the same level of access to their medical records through MyCenturaHealth as they would at a doctor’s office thanks to the seamless integration with Centura’s electronic health record system.

As a registered user of MyCenturaHealth

  • Take stock of your present medical situation, including prescriptions, immunizations, allergies, illnesses, and test results.
  • Get a copy of your health records and save them electronically.
  • You may check your schedule and get reminders at participating establishments.
  • Get an update when there is new information in your medical record.
  • Send a private message to a doctor from the Centura Health Physician Group.

MyCenturaHealth is a protected online hub that simplifies health management. Joining the MyCenturaHealth portal makes it simple to manage your health information.

By logging in, you’ll have access to your health records, appointments, and reminders at any facility that supports the service. The whole thing is made possible by private messaging online.

Centura Health’s Compassionate Network covers over 33,000 square miles, from Denver in the east to Colorado Springs in the west, and from Wyoming in the north to New Mexico in the south. Centura Health employs more than 26,000 people across 200 facilities to provide comprehensive health care to the region.

All Centura Health patients with permission to use the site can do so around-the-clock, every day of the week. MyCenturaHealth is the foundation for Centura Health’s Next Generation Electronic Health Record (NGEMR) programme. With the help of the NGEMR programme, doctors may take a coordinated approach to their patients’ care from the time before they even enter the hospital until they leave.